Top 7 Common Home Inspection Findings

Dated: September 29 2021

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Whether you’re a first-time buyer or not, purchasing a new home is an exciting accomplishment. It can also represent a lot of work and a serious investment, hence the importance of hiring a professional qualified home inspector to make sure the house is functioning properly. No one wants to end up unexpectedly spending thousands of dollars in repairs down the line that could have been avoided, had you set a small budget for a home inspection.


It is not a home inspector’s job to make a judgement call and decide whether a house is worth buying or not. They will just report to you what they see. To learn more about the most common issues found during an inspection, keep reading.

Common Home Inspection Discoveries

1. Faulty Wiring


One of the most common and most hazardous problems uncovered in home inspections is faulty wiring. If left unfixed, electrical issues can end up causing a fire in your home which can put you and your family in danger.


2. The Presence of Mold


Another commonly discovered problem that is also harmful to your family is the growth of mold that can be caused by bigger issues like untreated leaks and stale water. This can lead to health concerns such as respiratory problems and skin irritation amongst other symptoms.


3. Leaks and Water Damage


Furthermore, leaks and water damage are also commonly found during home inspections. This can lead to spots on the ceilings, rotting wood in the attic, and cracks in your home’s foundation. Thus, costing you money should it be left undetected.


4. The Presence of Asbestos


Homes built before 1980 were commonly constructed with materials that contain asbestos. However, it wasn’t until years later when scientists determined that asbestos is bad for your health. Therefore, if you are purchasing a home built before 1980 is likely that your home inspector may discover asbestos that will need to be removed immediately.


5. Heating and Cooling System Defects


Another common problem often discovered during home inspections is issues with the heating and cooling systems. Whether improperly installed, a lack of general maintenance, or aged systems, each of these issues can end up costing you hundreds of dollars which is why you would want your inspector to find this before you purchase your home.


6. Poor Drainage


Water is meant to drain away from your home in order to prevent the likeliness of foundational damage and cracks in your home’s exterior. However, another common issue found during home inspections are clogged gutters and poor property drainage. This can lead to flooding and further damage.


7. Problems With Your Plumbing


Lastly, poor plumbing is commonly discovered during home inspections, especially in older homes. This can lead to leaks and flooding in areas of your home which can cause lots of damage and cost you thousands of dollars. 

Final Thoughts


As you can see, there is a lot that could be wrong with the house you fell in love with.


But don’t worry, not every fault found means the house is not worth it, it may sometimes mean you have room for negotiations. The seller may be willing to conduct some repairs before you buy. They may even lower the price for the house based on the repairs you’ll need to make before moving in.


So please make sure you closely read your home inspection report and ask as many questions as you need before making a final decision to make sure you aren’t surprised with thousands of dollars in damages and repairs later down the road.

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