Tips for Home Sellers Who Are Looking to Re-enter the Market in 2021!!!!

Dated: January 26 2021

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Tips for Home Sellers Who Are Looking to Re-enter the Market in 2021


Plenty of homeowners who’d planned to sell their homes in 2020 ended up getting cold feet—understandably, given the intense uncertainty that everyone was dealing with. 


In 2021, however, many of those potential sellers are looking to re-enter the market. It’s a good time to do so, too, as insights from top agents show that many are expecting 2021 to be just as good a year for sellers, if not better, than 2020. 


So what do you need to know if you’re getting ready to list your home this year? Here are a few tips for selling in 2021.


Take your curb appeal seriously to appeal to all those virtual buyers


Your home’s exterior is going to be the first thing nearly all potential buyers see—whether they’re driving by your home or looking at it online. 


And now that nearly all home searches are initiated online, curb appeal has become even more important. If your sidewalk is cracked, your exterior paint dingy, and a shutter is crooked, those potential buyers are going to scroll right on past your home to the next in their search results. 


To make a good first impression, spend a bit of time and effort sprucing up your yard, porch, and exterior. Laying fresh mulch, mowing and edging your yard, adding some solar lights to your walkways, and ensuring your porch is in good repair will all go a long way toward making your home look appealing. And better yet, these projects are all fairly inexpensive, but have a significant positive ROI


Consider these popular upgrades buyers in 2021 want to see


Most buyers won’t need a chef’s kitchen to seal the deal, but they will want to see some simple upgrades. Here are a few to consider. 


  • Remove any popcorn ceilings. If you’ve still got these in your home, you may want to invest in remodeling them. They immediately place a home in the mid-1990s or before.

  • Paint all your rooms a neutral color. It’s true: neutral paint really does speed up a home sale. It’s because this allows the buyer to seem themselves in your home, rather than seeing your unique color preferences everywhere they look. 

  • Put in hardwood floors. Top agents recommend that clients tear out their carpet and put in hardwoods, at least in the main living areas if not in the bedrooms. Hardwood not only looks more modern, but gives the home an airier, cleaner feel. 


Be ready for contingencies 

Given the tighter-than-normal state of many families’ finances due to COVID, you may want to expect that your buyer will have a home to sell themselves before they can purchase your home. In fact, you may be doing the same thing! 


Buying and selling at the same time can be tricky, but if you’ve got a good agent helping you manage the logistics, it’s nothing you can’t handle. 


If managing two mortgages at once is difficult for your buyers, they may need to make a contingent offer, which means they’ll only buy your home once their own sells. These can mean a longer waiting period to close the deal, so you’ll have to consider what will work best for you and your timeline. 

2021 is poised to be another strong year for home sellers. If you’re considering selling, now’s the time! 

Written by: HomeLight

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